grow focus:

As a church we want every believer to Connect, Grow, and Serve.
Just as we placed an emphasis on “Connect” in 2019, we want to place an emphasis on “Grow” in 2020.
We want to be a church that is made up of believers that are growing!
We want to grow in Christ, in the church, and in our communities.
For the month of January, we want to place a specific emphasis on growing in Christ.
How might we go about growing in Christ? Might we suggest:
  • A daily time in God’s Word
  • Seek to set apart time daily to read the Bible
  • Seek to apply what you read each day
  • Seek to know Christ through His Word
  • A daily time of fellowship with the Lord in prayer
  • Be faithful in praying for others
  • Be faithful in sharing with God your heart
  • Ask God for opportunities to grow
  • A pro-active modeling of Christlikeness in our relationships with others
  • Loving as Christ loved
  • Serving as Christ served
  • Caring as Christ cared
  • A faithfulness in sharing Christ with those in our lives
  • Look for opportunities daily
  • Be faithful in sharing the Gospel
We look forward to growing together as a church in 2020, for God’s glory!

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