grow focus:

As a church we want every believer to Connect, Grow, and Serve.
Just as we placed an emphasis on “Connect” in 2019, we want to place an emphasis on “Grow” in 2020.
We want to be a church that is made up of believers that are growing!
We want to grow in Christ, in the church, and in our communities.
In February, we want to GROW in our relationship and walk with Christ by seeking to LOVE as Christ LOVED!
How can we GROW in this area?
  1. Study the love of Christ as seen in the Bible.
  2. Make note of how Christ demonstrated love.
  3. Observe how Christ loved those that loved him, as well as his love for those that didn't.
  4. Be honest about our own attitudes/perspectives on loving as Christ has loved.
  5. Begin to implement the same kind of love to those we come in contact with this month.
  6. Seek to love as Christ loved in the month of February.
As we study this vital area, we will not only GROW in our love for Christ, but also in our love for others. As this occurs, we will find ourselves GROWING in Christ, for God's glory!  

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