Using Your Missions Dashboard

Your Missions Dashboard is a valuable tool to help you manage your GO Team or short-term missions trip. Once you're logged in to your Missions Dashboard, you'll have access to all kinds of features, 24/7.
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Stay up-to-date with important information

The Discussions tab is a way for all trip participants and trip leaders to communicate with each other without confusing email chains or text groups. Simply login to your Dashboard and click "Discussions" on the left side. You can start a new discussion or reply to existing discussions. All participants can see your posts or comments, and can refer back to them later. This is a great place to post reminders or news about your trip.

Track funding and contributions made by you or others

Click "Dashboard" on the left side of your screen. A chart showing how much has been paid toward your trip - including any portion that might be covered by Maranatha - shows your funding at a glance.
By clicking "Funding" on the left, you can also see who has contributed to your trip on your behalf, including checks and cash given directly to MBC. This is a great way to know who to thank for their contribution! You can also make payments by credit card by using the "Make Payment" button.


Click on "Checklist" on the left side of your screen to see a list of forms, waivers, and other documents required for your trip. By completing these digitally through your Missions Dashboard, you won't need to worry about signing, scanning, and emailing lengthy documents, or making a last-minute trip into the church office to turn in paper forms. Best of all, you'll be able to see when the requirements are due, making sure you're always informed.

Stay on top of trip meetings

Keep your calendar always in sync by clicking the "Meetings" tab on the left side. As church admins and team leaders set meeting dates prior to the trip, the Meetings tab will allow you to see all the scheduled meetings for the trip. It also sends reminders to all trip participants, so everyone is always on the same page. Clicking on a meeting will show you more details, including the location and time.

Fundraising made easy

Your Missions Dashboard fully integrates with social media and email to help you raise support from non-Maranatha attendees in your family and friends. First, click on "Trip Story." What you input into this box will be what is shared on social media or in an email if you choose to share it, so be descriptive! Share with others why you're going on this trip, where you're going, and what you hope to accomplish while there.
Once you've saved your story, click on "Dashboard" on the left side of your screen. On the bottom right of this panel are two options:
  • a link you can copy paste into an email
  • a link to share your trip on Twitter, Facebook, or directly to your email
By sharing your trip via email or social media, it allows others to see your Trip Story and contribute to your trip by giving towards it online. Non-trip participants who contribute to your trip automatically receive a receipt for tax purposes.

Stay Notified

Click "My Preferences" on the left side of your screen to adjust your notification settings. This way, you can receive emails about what's most important to you. We recommend checking all the boxes to make sure you always know the most up to date information about your trip, including payment and information deadlines.

Manage your trip - and your spouse's or child's

If you're managing a trip for a child under 18, or going on a short-term Missions trip with a spouse or minor children, you can easily manage their accounts as well, including making payments and completing checklist items or information requests.
In the top right corner of your screen, click your name and use the drop down to manage a minor child or spouse's dashboard.
We're excited to be able to share this technology with GO Team and short-term missions trips participants!