men's Thursday Evening Bible Study

Join over 100 men as they meet each week!
Open to men 18 and older.
If you are new to Maranatha, this is a great way to get involved in our Men’s Ministry.
Location: Maranatha Bible Church, Family Life Center (Door D)
Time: 6:30 pm (dinner) and 7:30 pm (study begins)

our current series

What comes to mind when you think about heaven? Clouds? Harps? Angels? Singing? I’m not saying that sounds boring, but there’s got to be more! The answer is….there is! When you discover what really awaits you there, it will radically change your view of your future and of Heaven. In this series we will be answering questions like: 
  • What does the Bible actually tell us about heaven? 
  • What will we be doing in heaven? 
  • What will we experience? 
  • Will I be able to recognize others I know in heaven? 
  • What kind of bodies will we have? 
  • How do I prepare for eternity today?

no need to sign up!  
just show up!