1. Each student must have all necessary forms to attend an event. This includes an up-to-date Parent Permission Form as well as any other form specific to the event. Students are not permitted to sign these forms in place of their parents/guardians.
  2. Students are not permitted to leave an event early with a student driver unless a parent/guardian sends a note in advance that indicates with whom they are permitted to leave. Students may not independently decide to leave during the night with another student. Student drivers must follow the curfew laws of the State of Ohio.
  3. Students wishing to leave early from an all-night event must turn in written permission when checking in for an event. If a note is not provided, a parent or guardian must come and check out their son or daughter.
  4. Students are to demonstrate Christ-like behavior at all times. This includes, but is not limited to: speech, attire, respect for authority, and loving conduct toward other students.
  5. Parents agree to arrange for their student’s transportation home prior to dropping off their student for an event. In the case of all-night events, parents should avoid asking volunteers or Student Ministry staff.
  6. Any medications, special needs, or illnesses need to be communicated to the Student Ministry staff at check-in, as well as on the Maranatha Bible Church medical/parent permissions forms.
  7. If the contacts provided on the medical/parent permission forms are not available during an event, parents must provide the Student Ministry staff with a valid emergency contact. Please provide this information during check-in.