Registering for trips: first time account creation

This guide is for those who have never registered themselves or their student for a trip since December of 2019. If you have registered yourself for a trip, or any student in your household for a trip, since December 2019, please follow these instructions instead.
1. Using a tablet, computer, laptop, or mobile device, click the registration link you received in an email for a specific trip. For example, for a student trip, you may receive an email announcing that registration is open and a link to that trip's registration.  We have found that laptops and desktop computers provide the best user experience.

2. Click “Apply.” Either option below works.
3. Click “Create an Account in 30 seconds”.
4. Enter YOUR information, NOT your student’s information. It is very important that you enter your name, your date of birth, and your email address.
5.  The next screen after creating your account is where you can register your student or students. Click “Friends and Family.”
6. Click “Add Person.” You will complete this step for every student you are registering.
7.  Enter your student’s information – their name, their date of birth, their gender. If your child doesn’t use email regularly, please enter YOUR email address so you can stay aware of updates.
8. Once you’ve added all your students, click “Yep, that’s everybody!”
9. Complete their waivers, permission forms, and other required documents by clicking “Resolve” next to each required item.
10.  After all requirements are completed, and payments (if applicable) are made, your registration is complete.
11.  When logging back in to review your student’s trip status or to make any changes, be sure to log back in using the username and password you created in step 4.  This ensures that the system is aware that your account is the account of an adult parent or guardian, not the account of a minor student. To see all trips that your students are registered for, login and click “Current Trips” then “Trips I’m Responsible For” in the upper right corner.