How to USe Groups to Stay Connected

MBC Groups is an online platform that Maranatha uses to help small groups stay connected. Groups are commonly used for:
  • ABFs
  • Women's Bible Studies
  • CONNECT Groups

This page is intended to help members of Groups - people within ABFs, CONNECT Groups, and Women's Bible Studies. This page is not intended for leaders of those Groups - leaders, if you need instructions for managing your Group, please contact [email protected].

Use the following links to "jump" to the section of the page you need:


If you're already a member of a group, like an ABF or CONNECT Group, visit You can visit this website using a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. The site is mobile-friendly, but you may experience better results on larger devices, like computers and laptops.
Not all Groups are listed - only ABFs and CONNECT Groups - so if you don't see your Group, that's okay.
Click on the gray face on the top right corner of your screen and select "Log In".
If your picture is already there, that means you're already logged in, and you can skip the next few instructions about logging in.
The next screen will verify that you are who you say you are - this prevents people outside of Maranatha from being able to access Groups and information that should only be displayed to Group members.
Enter a mobile phone number that can receive text messages. Or, if you'd prefer, click "use email address instead."
Click "Next."
Whether you've opted to use a mobile phone number or an email address, you will receive a 6-digit code. Enter that code and click "Next."
If you didn't receive the code, click "Resend Code."
Often, children in the household or even a spouse might share the same phone number or email address that you identified yourself with. In that case, you'll need to choose who to log in as.
It is important that you select yourself, since your spouse or children may not belong to the same Groups you do, and therefore, will be denied access to your Groups.
Select "Groups."
A list of your Groups will appear. Click the Group you want to access.
If a Group does not appear that you think should be there, or that you are regularly attending, please jump down to "How to request to join a Group."
This is your Group page. It is only available to people who are logged in and a member of the Group. Detailed help for using the features of your Group page are below.

How can I see who else is in my group?

After following the steps to login and access your Group page (above), click "View All" under "Members" in the bottom right corner of your Group page.
By clicking "View all", a new page will list all members of the Group and their contact information. This has been blurred out in this example, since this help document is available publicly. 

How Can I see Events my leader has posted to the Group?

After following the steps to login and access your Group page (above), click "View All" under "Events" in the bottom left corner of your Group page.
By clicking "View All", the Group calendar will appear. You can click on any of the events for more information, including location. If your meeting is online, like a Zoom meeting, leaders are encouraged to post passwords or Zoom meeting IDs, since this page can only be accessed by people in the Group, not the general public.
If your leader has requested an R.S.V.P. to an event, you can respond from the Events section of your Group page as well. If your leader has not requested an R.S.V.P., the option to respond will not show.

How to access notes, documents, and videos your Leader has posted for your Group

After following the steps to login and access your Group page (above), click "View All" under "Resources" in the bottom left corner of your Group page.
If your leader has posted documents, notes, videos, or any other type of media in your Group, it will appear here in Resources. By clicking on the Resource you want, you'll be able to download or view what your Group Leader has posted for the members of the Group.
If this block doesn't appear on your Group page, then your Leader has not posted anything.
Resources stay available until the Group Leader removes them manually.

How can I email other members of my Group all at once?

Unfortunately, right now, that is not an option. Our software provider is actively working to deliver this functionality within the next 6 months.
In the meantime, we recommend that if you have a prayer request or other information that needs to go to the whole Group to send it to your Leader. They are able to send out emails to the entire Group.