Allowing MBC Emails into Your Inbox

Are you not receiving emails from Maranatha? Or are they ending up in your junk/spam folder? If so, please follow this guide.

Step One: Make sure we have YOUR correct email ON FILE

Other measures to get your emails will not work if we don't have the correct email on file for you! To check which email we have for you, please login or create an account at, our online church directory.

Once in the directory, search for your profile. The email, phone number, and address we have on file for you will display. If any of these are incorrect, please either edit your profile OR send an email to [email protected] and someone on staff will update it for you. You may find that just correcting an incorrect email will solve your email issues.

STEP TWO: Add MBC to your address book or contacts list

We find that this step eliminates MOST instances of our emails going to a junk or spam folder and typically, people do not have to go to Step 3. Regardless of what email client you use, simply open up your address book (some email programs call it a "contact list" or simply "contacts.") Add the following three email addresses to your Address Book/Contact List. Please note that you must add all three:Here are links to instructions on how to add an email address to your Address Book/Contact List for some of the most common email providers:

STEP THREE: fixing emails already in junk

If we have a correct email on file for you, and step 2 did not solve your issue, step 3 may help. Open your Junk Mail or Spam folder, locate any of our emails, and click "Not Junk" or "Not Spam." All email providers will have this function, but all email providers differ in the steps you need to take to mark an email in Junk/Spam as "safe."
Here are links to instructions on how to move emails in your Junk/Spam folder into your Inbox, and mark them as safe for some of the most common email providers:If your email provider isn't listed here, you may want to reach out to them using their specific support options, such as a support database or support chat, to find out how to mark emails as safe.