The goal of MBC Kids is to introduce children to Jesus Christ and for them to walk with Him. We accomplish this through teaching God’s word, involving the children in fun and interactive activities, and showing unconditional love to every child.  Kids start on their journey to Jesus when they trust Him as their Savior, and continue their journey as they follow Him throughout their lives.

reopening plan

It has been great to be back together at church since Sunday, June 14.  Maintaining social distancing means no “meet & greet”, but it is great to be together in person and to see everyone again.  We still ask that if you or any of your family are immunocompromised, have a fever, feel sick, or if there has been any sickness or fever in your home, or you have been exposed to anyone in the last two weeks with those symptoms, please consider the health of everyone involved and stay home until everyone in the household is 100% healthy.  We are continuing to stream our services live online via our Facebook page and YouTube channel for those who do not yet feel comfortable coming back together in person.  

Parents, effective NEXT SUNDAY, AUGUST 30, we will reopen our Children’s Ministry!  We will be offering full Children’s Ministry from birth through 5th grade by registration only starting on Monday, August 24 and ending at 12 pm on Friday, August 28.  You can register in the Church Center App or by visiting  Ages 0 – 24 months will meet in Little One’s Landing.  Ages 2-5 will meet in Preschool Park with the 4’s & 5’s (pre-k) meeting in the children’s 300 hallway.  Kindergarten – 2nd Grade will meet in room 509, and 3rd – 5th grade will meet in room 510.  Please be patient with us as we reevaluate the needs of the Children’s Ministry on a weekly basis.  We will be sure to communicate any changes that may need to occur.  Also, in accordance to the state’s childcare guidelines, and because we put high priority on the health and safety of your children as well as our workers, WE ASK THAT ALL PARENTS FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES:

•Be proactive and check your child’s temperature the morning before coming to church.
•Only allow your children to come to the nursery, preschool and elementary rooms if they are completely well. i.e., no cough, runny nose, fever, etc.
•Stay at home if you or your children have been exposed to COVID in the last 2 weeks, even if none of you exhibit symptoms.  
•Label your child’s diaper bag, sippy cups, bottles, etc. with his or her name.
•If you want your child to wear a mask (under 10), they may do so.  Please provide a mask for your child upon arrival.
•If you are not yet comfortable with your babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and (or) school age child(ren) going to their usual Children’s Ministry areas, your child(ren) may continue to stay in the service with you.  
•In Kindergarten through 5th grade, we will encourage social distancing by providing your child a hula hoop to use as their space during the children’s corporate worship time.

To promote a healthy environment, the church is making the following accommodations:

•The children’s rooms will be cleaned and sanitized before and after church.  
•All children’s ministry workers will wear a mask or shield.
•No personal toys from home will be allowed.
•Your child’s temperature will be taken before they are admitted into their classroom.
•Hands will be sanitized or washed before coming in and leaving the classroom.
•Please understand that it will not be possible for workers to keep babies, toddlers, and preschoolers six feet apart from each other, but every effort will be made to maintain as much distance from one another as possible.

We know that some parents in our church are extremely glad that their children are able to resume going back to the Children’s Ministry.  We also understand that some parents do not yet feel comfortable with that.  Whether you choose to keep your children at home, in the service with you, or let them go to their classes, we respect your decision as a parent to do what you feel is best for your family.

Sunday Mornings

9:15 and 10:45 am

Little Ones landing

ages 2 and under

Little Ones Landing is a happy place where little ones can rest or play, where they experience the love of Jesus. Playpens, swings, toys, gliding rockers, and comfy cribs will help your child feel at home. Our heated, carpeted floors are great for crawlers! Our Children’s Ministry servants provide security and safety for babies and toddlers. We do everything possible to ensure each little one is safe and lovingly cared for. Our pager system affords parents the peace of mind to participate in a worship service or ABF. To help ensure that each child receives the best possible care, we try to maintain a child-to-servant ratio of two to one.

preschool park

ages 2 to 5

Preschoolers are usually thought of as energetic, curious, and even messy - we think of them as impressionable! We are dedicated to partnering with parents to plant eternal seeds of Jesus’ love in their child’s heart during these formative years. Preschool Park is open at all regular services involving Bible stories and a question and answer time for application. Children will experience worship, activity, and age-appropriate Bible lessons. We make an effort to keep a child-to-servant ratio of five-to-one.

runners road

kindergarten through 5th grade

We are preparing young hearts and minds on their journey
to Jesus. As part of a biblical community, children engage
in worship, experience prayer, and learn to show Christ’s
love to others.  Kids meet by grades. Kindergarten meets in their own classroom with age-appropriate lessons and activities. Grades 1 and 2 are combined, and grades 3 and 4 are combined. Kids rotate between two rooms for worship in song, biblical teaching, and purposeful activities. Grade 5 has a special Kids United: Varsity Program.
If this is your first time at Maranatha, you may download the Children’s Ministry Visitor Form.
Print it, fill it out, and bring it with you to the Children’s Welcome Center for a faster check-in. We look forward to seeing you Sunday!

become a volunteer

There are many ways for you to volunteer at Maranatha.
Find out where you fit in, then get involved and use your God-given talents to His glory and benefit His church.

weekday preschool park

Maranatha Preschool Park is a preschool that operates Monday through Thursday each week during the school year located within the Children’s Wing of Maranatha Bible Church.